Our projects

The highlighted projects exemplify our expertise in delivering successful outcomes for consultancy firms. Through our tailored solutions, strategic thinking, and meticulous execution, we have consistently achieved measurable results through conducting in-depth assessments, identifying inefficiencies, and implementing optimized processes. We facilitated a seamless transition and empowered our client to improve overall operational efficiency and foster a culture of innovation.

Shinjuku Railway Station Improvement Project, Tokyo, Japan

The Shinjuku Railway Station Improvement Project in Tokyo aims to transform one of the busiest transportation hubs in the world into a state-of-the-art facility that offers enhanced connectivity and an exceptional passenger experience. With an estimated investment of approximately US$ 3.5 million, this ambitious undertaking will revolutionize commuting and elevate Shinjuku Station to new heights of efficiency and convenience. Key Improvements and Features include Expanded Platforms and Tracks, Modernized Passenger Facilities, Accessibility Enhancements, Enhanced Security Measures, Integrated Transportation Hub, and Environmental Considerations. The project is currently completed and is in running conditions.

Port of Walvis- New Container Terminal, Namibia

The Port of Walvis, Namibia's new container terminal, is set to revolutionize trade and connectivity in the region. With its strategic location, advanced infrastructure, and cutting-edge facilities, the Port of Walvis is poised to become a key player in international commerce. Offering seamless logistics solutions and streamlined operations, this state-of-the-art container terminal is a game-changer for businesses and shippers alike. Key Features include Unparalleled Connectivity, World-Class Infrastructure, Advanced Technology, Expansion Opportunities, and Trade Facilitation and Efficiency. The cost of the project was estimated at US$ 12.87 million (2010 estimates). The project was carried out on PPP mode of finance.

Central Business District CBD, Lahore, Pakistan

The Central Business District (CBD) in Lahore, Pakistan, is a bustling urban center that epitomizes economic growth and prosperity. Located in the heart of the city, the CBD is a thriving hub of commerce, offering a wide array of business opportunities, modern infrastructure, and a vibrant ecosystem for both local and international enterprises. Key Highlights of Lahore's CBD are Prime Business Location, Dynamic Commercial Landscape, Infrastructure and Facilities, Financial Hub, Vibrant Lifestyle and Entertainment, and Networking and Collaboration opportunities. A comprehensive Traffic Impact Assessment study was carried to envision and plan a huge traffic volume plying within and outside the district.

Automated Parking Systems, Smart Parking, Japan

Tokyo, Japan, is leading the way in revolutionizing urban parking solutions with advanced automated car parking systems. Designed to address the challenges of limited space and increasing vehicle numbers, these state-of-the-art systems offer a seamless and efficient parking experience for residents and visitors alike. Key Features and Benefits include Space Optimization, Time-Saving Convenience, Enhanced Security, Environmentally Friendly, and Seamless Integration. With automated car parking systems, Tokyo is at the forefront of innovative parking solutions that prioritize efficiency, convenience, and sustainability. These cutting-edge systems save time, reduce stress, and contribute to a more organized urban landscape.

Master Plan for Lahore Division-2050 Pakistan

The Master Plan for Lahore Division 2050 unveils an ambitious vision for Lahore, Pakistan's cultural and economic capital. This comprehensive plan aims to transform Lahore into a sustainable and modern metropolis, equipped to meet the evolving needs of its growing population. With a focus on infrastructure development, urban design, and environmental conservation, the Master Plan promises to shape Lahore into a world-class city. Key Features include Sustainable Urban Development, Enhanced Connectivity, Balanced Development, Preserving Heritage and Culture, Economic Growth and Investment Opportunities, and Community-Focused Development. The Master Plan for Lahore Division 2050 sets a roadmap for a prosperous and sustainable future for Lahore.

Elevated Urban Railway Metro Line-3 Hanoi Vietnam

Metro Line-3 in Hanoi, Vietnam, is set to revolutionize urban transportation, offering a seamless and efficient commute for residents and visitors. This elevated railway system provides a much-needed solution to the city's growing population and traffic congestion, enhancing connectivity and improving the overall quality of life. Key Features and Benefits include Swift and Efficient Travel, Enhanced Connectivity, Comfortable and Convenient Commuting, Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly, and positive impacts on Economics and Social Development. Metro Line 3 represents a significant leap forward in Hanoi's urban development. Embrace the benefits of this elevated urban railway system, including swift travel, enhanced connectivity, and sustainable commuting